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Pedicure Mask-Pedicure Mask, Clay Mask
Pedicure Mask
Our clay mask is simple to use and ready to go. No need to mix anything into it. Our exclusive recipe is hand crafted with natural clays and oils designed to deeply cleanse and detoxify needy feet and legs. You can also use this as an all over body mask too!
To use: Simply use any brush (or tool of your choice) and scoop out a small amount to start. Brush skin and let sit for a few minutes (up to 10-15 if you wish). It will not harden but will dry just enough to do the the job!
Available in the following scents. Please indicate in the comments section your preference.
Black Raspberry
Green Tea
Tea Tree
Ingredients: Clay, glycerin, vitamin E, calendula oil, fragrance oil, optiphen.
Size: 10 oz. jars. Available in larger or smaller sizes..just call or email.

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